We Put the GEE in it :

Made with
real vegetables,
garden herbs
and pure olive oil

One full serving of vegetables.

We have been providing authentic Mexican tortillas and wraps to upscale restaurants for years. Our continued passion for great food has driven us to rethink the ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary.

Until now a wrap was just a way to carry some other ingredients. Vedgee™ believes it's time for a wrap to be the inspiration, the main ingredient that puts the gee in any culinary creation. Whether it's as plain as turkey and cheese or the ingredients of a more inspired recipe, with Vedgee you can put anything you want on them or nothing at all. Either way, they still carry the meal.

We create them with 100% vegetable pureé, garden herbs and extra virgin olive oil so any one of our eight unique flavors can be the catalyst for any dish from savory to sweet.

Put anything you want on them or nothing at all. They’re that good.